Charging station for e-vehicles

Our new PV CARPORT is a charging station for electric vehicles, which converts the power required for charging directly from the energy of solar radiation. In addition, the PV CARPORT provides protection against snow, hail, rain and sun.


The perfect solution for easy installation and commissioning - set up and start!

With or without PV

The PV Carport is fully functional with or without photovoltaics.

Easy installation

The PV Carport can be installed quickly and easily.

Inexpensive and functional

The PV Carport offers maximal space and protection against heavy snow loads.

Charging station

Different charging solutions are possible, depending on the e-bike brand.

Double benefits

The PV Carport charges your battery and protects your car at the same time.

Perfect for businesses

The PV CARPORT is ideal for modern businesses to show their green self-image and provide additional service to customers or employees.


We offer the PV CARPORT in two basic versions with numerous options – the choice is yours!

A highlight for private individuals

Anyone who owns an electric vehicle can now use the existing parking space twice – for charging the battery and for protection against weathering.

Charging station for electric vehicles

with PV system & storage

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